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Ancient, Asian and Tribal Art

While Helping Children, Teens, and Adults with Special Needs

The galleries

 These are among the finest galleries in the world that feature Ancient, Asian and Tribal art.  They are listed here by their area of primary focus and thereafter in alphabetical order. Galleries that are listed in more than one category offer outstanding expertise and objects of high quality within more than one genre.   All here are supporting the mission of providing essential support and action for special needs children, teens, and adults.

The Events

Extraordinary events where Ancient art, Asian art, and Tribal art of the finest quality are exhibited for sale exist  year-round.  Here are the list of major shows coming soon!  Please click on any square to find out more information; all of the events through their presence on this platform are supporting the important mission of helping assist in programs and services for autistic children, teens, and adults.

“The Keepers”
Museums With Ancient, Asian and Tribal Art

Here, in one place, we offer direct access to many of the finest museums in the world. These museums have collections of sacred, ancient and tribal art, many who are "flying under the radar".  Engage them!  Find out more!  Many of our stories are told through museums; watch as this extraordinary "Keepers" project grows in scale and scope over the coming weeks and months.

Special Needs Action Project (SNAP)

Every gallery, museum, or service provider represented on this platform is contributing to programs and services for children, teens, and adults with autism and related neurological conditions in their home countries. This work is critically important, and your presence in supporting them and being on this platform can improve lives.

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